Should You Pursue a Data Science Master’s-degree in UC Berkeley?

Are you an expert in Info Science?

You are still wondering whether or not to pursue a Master’s degree at the University of California Berkeley in Data Science, and if you are, then you should think about your future inside this aspect. The following is some advice about determining whether or not to start out at UC Berkeley in Data Science with an Master’s system.

Is you do not need to college-paper spend an tremendous volume of cash to acquire your Master degree in Data Science, nor can it take one to obtain classes from Coursera Kaplan, as well as other sources. It is likely to know a fantastic deal concerning info Science all on your without needing to acquire aid from exterior sources.

Certainly one of the greatest approaches to know about information Science is by simply reading a great deal of content and research papers compiled by pros who are themselves experts within the field. You may secure a good feel for you could look here whether or not a info Science Master’s app is best for you only by reading articles written.

You should also consider the sort of environment that a Data Science Master’s program will present for you. As you will be working directly with many different groups of people, and with a great deal of data, you will need to have excellent interpersonal skills. These skills are only going to come in handy when you are working with students and colleagues who are diversely structured.

Is the breadth of info Science you’re studying. An app in UC Berkeley will often cover everything from Python to normal speech processing, document classification, and bioinformatics.

Additionally it is vital that you know what it is which produces info Science different. Needless to say, info Science is not really a field, but rather an extension of what other disciplines are carrying out for years. But , it is now highly popular over the past couple of years being a consequence of its own applications.

The significant attention of a info Science Master’s method will soon be to simply greatly help you determine how to successfully apply what you find out about Information Science. The idea is to help you build an even more complex, and much more effective way to fixing problems. Info Science includes applications including predicting the currency markets movement, predicting the behavior of economic markets, etc.

Once you understand the basic concepts of Data Science, you can start to think about using them to solve real-world problems. However, you may also want to consider continuing your education after you have completed your Data Science Master’s program. There are plenty of jobs out there for people who have gained a solid understanding of Data Science.

For grad learners, the key proposal on the entire world is the thesis proposal

Creating a Superior Proposal

Producing a thesis proposal may be hard undertaking, but when you get are completed, it’s a whole lot more easy. Your proposal ought to be an excellent demonstration of your personal interests as well as your ideas. Keep these points in your mind when writing your own thesis.

You want to maintain lots of items in mind when drafting a suggestion: that the very first & most important step is always to prepare a thesis statement. It’s going to summarize your interests and people your adviser. It is a means to find focus and be certain that your ideas are heard. The thesis statement must be . Students commit the blunder of not believing by using their thesis announcement and wind up getting something that sounds just like they spouted out some random idea.

A well-written suggestion will make your advisor interested of what you have prepared. After all, a thesis is one of those few documents that a student should create and send to a professor to get permission. Your suggestion must offer good insight to your goals and what you need your adviser to be familiar with you.

The thesis proposal is undoubtedly an define on the research function you intend to accomplish on your thesis or dissertation

The suggestion is that your adviser will read as a portion of this application practice. Your professor are not only going to want to see which you are intent on your thesis, however you have some thing to express to them. As a thesis is your previous chapter of one’s academic occupation, it has to provide a overview of your faculty livelihood to the specific point. The very ideal method to offer a summary that is good is to get ideas and after that go from that point.

Keep in mind that each part of one’s college experience can be an equally important part of your own future. Focus on this before you begin creating your proposal.

If you need a summary paragraph, then divide this up into 3 components: the introduction, a few paragraphs of information about yourself and your adviser, then the summary of your thesis. Take care to not cram too much information but you should be in a position to bring some details in some places.

Make certain you just produce your summary paragraph least two weeks ahead of the initial meeting. Your summary will soon probably turn into the skeleton of one’s whole suggestion.

One time you’ve got selected a topic ? which is certainly admittedly the toughest aspect of the complete process, while not our target right here ? the interesting of placing together the thesis proposal itself begins

you can put every thing which you have learned in your essay, Create a well-researched and well-written outline paragraph. The professor will judge one’s summary’s content with the characteristic of the information you consist of things like.

When you are in possession of a nice summary in your summary paragraph, you can begin placing your ideas in writing. You need to make certain that your outline gives explanations of most the information you’re communicating.

Introduce your notions using a different sentence or 2, give an overall summary of exactly what you’ve created to your reader. Remember that many people bypass the introduction and summaries, but they may be overlooking the opportunities you just gave .

Your outline needs to really be a well-written explanation for one’s ideas along with your conclusion when you are completed. Your adviser can love your thoroughness and this will let you to get during your whole thesis.

Producing a thesis proposal may be challenging and does take a while, but when you end it, it will be easier. The thesis suggestion is not a statement of your interests, however it’s also an chance to reveal your nature and show you have set thought to your essay.

For grad college students, the most crucial proposal in the environment stands out as the thesis proposal

Composing a Excellent Proposal

Creating a thesis proposal can be a endeavor that is complicated, but once you are completed, it is a whole lot more easy. Your proposition ought to be a superb demonstration of one’s thoughts as well as your own pursuits. Maintain these things in your mind when writing your thesis.

When drafting a proposal, you need to maintain lots of issues at heart: that the very initial and most important step is to prepare yourself a thesis statement. It’ll summarize your pursuits and the ones your own adviser. It is a way to get interest and be certain your thoughts are heard. The thesis statement must be more than a line of a written on the newspaper. Many students end up getting something which sounds just like they spouted some idea out from their own mind and commit the mistake of never believing through their thesis statement.

A proposal will create your advisor curious of what you’ve published. After a thesis is just one of those documents that a student should publish and send to an kindergarten to get approval. Your suggestion must provide insight to your targets and what you need your adviser to be familiar with you.

The thesis proposal is an outline for the research deliver the results you propose to accomplish within your thesis or dissertation

Your proposition is much your advisor will read as a portion of this applying process. Your professor is not going to wish to find which you’re seriously interested in your thesis, however that you have some thing to state about them. Since there would be a thesis the previous phase of your academic occupation, it must supply a great summary of your faculty livelihood to the specific point. The perfect way to provide a summary that is superior is to get thoughts from the advisor and then go from there.

Keep in mind that every component of one’s faculty experience is an equally significant part one’s own future. Focus on this before you start writing your suggestion.

Break this up into three components: the launch, a few paragraphs of advice regarding yourself and your advisor, then the overview of one’s thesis, In the event you require a listing paragraph proposal. Take care not to cram an excessive amount of information into your thesis announcement, however you should be able to add some details in some places.

Make sure that you just publish your summary paragraph at least two weeks prior to the consultation by means of your adviser. Your summary will grow to be the skeleton of your suggestion.

As soon as you have decided on a topic ? which is admittedly the toughest part of your entire approach, although not our emphasis in this article ? the interesting of putting jointly the thesis proposal itself begins

That you can set every thing which you have heard into your own essay, Create a well-researched and outline paragraph. The professor will evaluate this content of your outline which you incorporate.

After you are in possession of a stable outline in your short paragraph, you can start putting your ideas. You want to earn sure that your outline gives clear explanations of the information that you’re communicating.

Publish your ideas using a different sentence or 2, and give your reader an overall summary of everything you’ve written. Remember that the debut and summaries skips, however they may be missing the chances you just gave them.

Your outline should really be described as a well-written explanation for one’s ideas and your conclusion Whenever you’re completed. Your adviser will appreciate your thoroughness, which will let you get during your whole thesis.

Writing a thesis proposal does take time and may be challenging, but when you complete it, then it is going to be easier. The thesis suggestion is not an overview on your pursuits, but however it’s likewise an opportunity to show your personality and show you have put thought into your composition writing.

SK Gaming returning to competitive League of Legends

SK Gaming, one of esports’ oldest organizations, confirms their return to competitive League of Legends. The team locked in their roster in order to participate in the upcoming German Premier Tour.

Their lineup will consist of:

The team is relatively unknown in the western League scene. Scarface, SozPurefect, and Doss all played in the LVP Superliga, which is one of the biggest Spanish esports competitions. AD Carry Keduii last played for ALTERNATE aTTax, a team in the ESL Meisterschaft, until April 1. Phrenic helped EURONICS Gaming win the ESL Meisterschaft last season. Also, he went to the European Masters tournament where EURONICS went 0-3 in the Round Robin and was eliminated.

The German Premier Tour is Riot Games’ newest tournament that will take place in Europe. All teams within the DACH countries, which consists of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, can participate. The tour will have the same setup as other LoL leagues, where seasons will be split into two, Summer Season (May-August) and Winter Season (October-March). Each season will have four “Stops” where each Stop represents a full tournament. It would include an online Open Qualifier, a Closed Qualifier, which goes into the Semifinals and the Finals. The top 4 teams of each tournament will win an amount of prize money, which has not been disclosed yet. Additionally, all top 8 teams will win Premier Tour Points. The two teams with the most Premium Tour Points will qualify for the European Masters.

SK Gaming has been a part of the esports community since 1997 and is one of the most established esports teams in the world. The team was able to win second place during the 2014 European League of Legends Championship Series (EULCS) Spring Split and third place in the 2014 Summer Split. SK dominated the EULCS in the 2015 Spring Split, earning the top spot going into the Playoffs with a 15-3 record. Unfortunately, they were upset by H2K Gaming in the Playoffs and finished fourth.

SK has also been in its share of controversy over the years. For example, in 2015, the team went in a freefall in the league standings after losing star AD Carry Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou. SK Gaming decides to kick Christoph “nRated” Seitz, their support player at the time. SK Gaming told players that it was fining them for poor performance and for failing to deliver on PR obligations, like interviews with the media. Also, reports of payment issues and players being unhappy with the team house set-up surfaced.

As a result of all the problems within the team, the rest of the lineup decided to sit out the remainder of the season. At the end of the 2015 year, SK would cut and replace every other member of the team. The 2016 year would be the last year that SK Gaming would be in the pro League of Legends scene.

Not to mention, many fans connect SK Gaming with one of the most iconic moments in League of Legends history:

What are your thoughts on SK Gaming returning to the competitive League of Legends scene? Let us know your thoughts below! If you want to see more League of Legends content, check us out here!

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No make a difference how lots of great Educating Elements you have, you will never use them if they are unable to be identified and accessed easily!Printed jute bags can be Publishing Skills capitalwoodcarvers Seoul National University customised with a enterprise symbol and make contact with data. You have likely already witnessed a good deal of people today sporting these bags since they are so handy. If a purse is not major sufficient for a woman to carry the items that she should transportation, then printed jute luggage are likely to be the method of alternative.

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How To Write An Illustration Essay Outline

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Closing Reviews (this is your final paragraph)-repeat some of what was in quantity 1 paragraph and some of what was explained all over the other paragraphs. The final aspect of the essayIts principal objective is to give the most substantial factors about the subject matter. It provide the awareness to write an organised essay. is conclusion.

The summary is incredibly similar to the introduction, it demonstrates the most important thoughts of the essay. It is the restatement of the thesis. The summary need to be finished with a tagline.

A tagline is just like the initially sentence of the essay. Tagline ought to be in the sort of quotes or anything which grabs the person awareness. rn Essay On Lifestyle: How To Write An Essay In 9 Minutes When most lecturers arrive in Thailand to seem for a work instructing English, just one of the first matters they take into consideration is whether or not to use for jobs with government faculties or private universities. With pros and cons for the two Thai authorities schools and Thai private schools, most instructors have a hard time building a decision.

League of Legends: An introduction to “Clash”

have you ever wondered what it’s like to play like a pro? to test your skill against the best competition and participate in tournaments where everything is on the line? that day is finally here. league of legends‘ new “clash” mode brings the tournament to you. complete your placement matches and bring your best game face, because anybody can play.

introduced as a competitive tournament for all, clash gives players the chance to make their own teams and compete for the “demacia cup”, regardless of their personal ranks. you could be a master tier player desperate to make a name for yourself and break into the big leagues, or you could be a weathered veteran of the deepest depths of bronze. everybody is invited, and everybody has a chance.


clash eligibility


before you can compete, you need a rank in any summoner’s rift queue and have a minimum honor level of 2. this means that you need to have completed the minimum of 10 placement matches in any of the ranked queues and that no toxic, boosted animals are allowed.

in an effort to battle smurfing, riot also requires that you verify your account through sms. you need to use a cell phone and the number you choose will be linked to your account for 6 months. team captains will receive a notification if one of their players fails to meet the requirements.

each player must also have an entry ticket. you can obtain entry tickets by completing missions, being gifted by teammates, or by purchasing them with blue essence (990 each, maximum three) or rp (215 each, unlimited). every two tournament cycles, you can grab an entry ticket by completing the clash mission as well.

only one entry ticket is required to participate but you also have the opportunity to use five tickets for a premium entry. premium entries come with upgraded rewards. each player in a team will select their own method of entry, so you are not obligated to match what your teammates select.

a one-ticket entry comes with a clash orb, while a premium entry comes with a clash capsule. both rewards contain xp boosts and logos, as well as additional rewards that scale with the number of entry tickets used and the number of team victories. the more you win, the bet real money on apex legendster the prizes.

your entry ticket is good as long as you keep winning. if you lose a match, your team will need new entry tickets to participate the next day. salty? don’t be. re-entering the clash grants additional orbs and capsules.


getting the band (back?) together


like the traditional game, clash is played in teams of five. team captains can create a team, choose a team name and logo, and invite players using the clash tab found in the league of legends game client. choose your players wisely; once rosters are locked for the first game, players cannot be kicked or change teams. the same five players must remain together for the entirety of the tournament.

each player in your team is assigned a rank on a scale from tier iv (lowest) to tier i (highest). your rank is determined by your previous clash history and your personal summoner’s rift ranking. your team is then ranked using a weighted average of all five players, with the heaviest consideration given to the best player on the team. are you a diamond player thinking about carrying four bronze friends? that’s probably not a good idea, because your opponents will be closer in rank to you than your unluckier teammates.

riot will be cracking down hard on smurfing throughout each iteration of clash. if you are caught trying to game the system by playing on a lower-ranked account, you will be banned from participating in any future clash tournaments and will lose any clash rewards you previously gained. don’t be a dick. play on your main.


squad goals


clash runs for three days and each day begins with a lock-in phase that opens 30 minutes before matches begin. you can enter the tournament at any point during lock-in but matches begin immediately once the thirty minutes are up. teams that miss the cut will not be eligible to participate on that day. don’t be late.

once lock-in concludes, you’ll be matched into a bracket and you will have seven minutes to scout your opponent. you will gain access to key information like which side you’ll start on and which champions your opponents perform best on. pay attention, because the scouting phase will offer crucial insight on the upcoming champion select.

clash is where one-trick-ponies go to die; be prepared to have some fallback options in the event that your 60% win-rate blitzcrank jungle pick gets taken away.

the “champion select” phase begins as soon as the scouting phase concludes. clash uses the same champion select structure as the lcs which means that each team has two ban phases and two pick phases. all five bans will be submitted by the team captain. furthermore, all champions are unlocked in clash. players can select any champion in the game without having to worry about screwing up a trade scenario.

additionally, players that forget to lock-in their champions or accidentally disconnect from champion select are protected by a fail-safe. if the time for your selection expires, you will be assigned the champion you last hovered. if you didn’t make a selection at all, you will be assigned a random champion. this mechanic allows both teams protection against accidents, afks, and queue-dodging.


going through the gauntlet


each day of the tournament consists of a single-elimination bracket against teams with a similar skill level to yours.

it’s up to your team to choose which days of the competition you want to participate in. if you win on day 1, you can skip day 2 and still participate in an 8-team bracket on day 3. additionally, losing does not mean that your clash journey is over. teams that lose the first game on any given day will be entered into a consolation bracket where they can win additional rewards. any team that suffers a loss also has the opportunity to enter a new bracket on the following day.

because the final trophy and the highest reward tiers require three straight days of progression, if you lose at any point, or if you choose to skip a day, you will not be eligible for the grand prize.




as mentioned earlier, every clash participant will at least take home an exclusive clash orb or capsule. you will also acquire victory points (vp) for every match you win. the base reward for a win is 200 vp, with escalators for higher tiered teams and for players using premium entry tickets. vp accumulates over two tournament cycles, unlocking logos and banners as you progress. any banners you win will appear on summoner’s rift any time you’re in game, as well as on your player profile in the client.

finally, the rarest rewards available through clash are trophies. these can only be obtained by winning a bracket. trophies are displayed by the nexus in every summoner’s rift game that you appear in for a two week period, and the trophy is stylized to depict your team’s tier and the level of the bracket you won.

for a deeper look at clash and for details on roster substitutes and the “sudden death” feature in clash games, read riot’s full breakdown here.

looking for that extra little edge in clash? we’re giving away $350 worth of hyperx gear, and all you have to do is hit us up on facebook. get in on the contest for your chance to snag some kick-ass peripherals before it’s too late. read the full post here.


Blackout vs. Apex Legends: A comparative analysis

after the wild success of fortnite in 2018, it didn’t take long for other battle royale offerings to hit the market. even the likes of red dead redemption 2 joined the fray with a battle royale mode within red dead online. but treyarch’s call of duty: black ops 4‘s blackout mode was a wholly different beast that changed the landscape of the battle royale format. call of duty, a series not known for large multiplayer maps, delivered a solid, well-oiled offering to battle royale and call of duty fans alike.

now, just a few months later respawn entertainment has surprised the whole of the gaming community by releasing a free-to-play battle royale game called apex legends bets legends. respawn was founded by and also staffed by the same people who founded and worked at infinity ward, and infinity ward of course was the original creator of call of duty. so in other words, blackout is a call of duty battle royale, but apex legends is a battle royale made by the creators of call of duty! and just in its first week, apex has made quite the splash, with players turning out in droves to check out this new, exciting effort from respawn. like blackout, it, too, is a first-person spin on the battle royale mode. but how does this stack up to blackout?

teamwork makes the dream work

for starters, apex legends focuses on squad play. if you’re looking for a solo experience, apex is currently not the title for you. however, what it does with squad play is phenomenal. in our review of the game, we highlighted some of the improvements to the squad-based battle royale mode. namely, the jumpmaster system of keeping the squad together does wonders for players who may not have mics for a coordinated effort. it’s important to stay together. furthermore, the pinging system also contributes to this area. whether teams are using mics or not, the ease of highlighting enemies, locations, weapons, armor, and other supplies vastly improves the experience from a competitive perspective.

black ops 4‘s blackout mode doesn’t offer much in the way of squad-based interaction like apex does. however, blackout does have a solo mode available for those who prefer it, which is something apex is lacking. but the mere idea that apex focused on squad-based play is the reason why, i think, that we received the aforementioned squad-based innovations. focusing on the squad-based version of battle royale enabled them to refine the process.

from point a to point b

map traversal is something that is executed in two entirely different ways between the two games. the apex map has balloons dotting the map that players can use to achieve a boost high enough to whip back into skydiving mode. this boost is rather significant and can speed up the travel process immensely if players are, say, about to get engulfed by the shrinking ring of fire. zip lines also line the compounds within the map at times, making it easier to traverse certain areas.

blackout certainly doesn’t have anything that resembles either of these mechanics within apex. one might argue that the grapple gun could be akin to the use of zip lines. however, the grapple gun is spread too thin to be something truly accessible as a traversal method, and its range isn’t as wide as some of these zip lines. blackout does, however, have a big advantage over apex: vehicles. vehicles not only offer a mode of traversal but also a means of attack and ambush. blackout’s vehicles, if coordinated properly, can be a huge advantage to any squad. seeing some of the interesting vehicles, like tanks, appearing on the apex map was a little underwhelming when i first realized they were merely set pieces and not for use.

death ain’t no thing

in battle royale, death is typically the end. the moment a player is downed beyond revival, it’s time to back out of the game and start a fresh one because that’s it. that’s the end. apex legends took a look at that one frustrating aspect of battle royale and said, “no way. death doesn’t have to be the end if you have great teammates.” that’s right — for a limited time, team members can bring a dearly departed mate back from the grave. what they must do is play a little game of “capture the flag — or banner.” snag your downed mate’s banner and rush him to one of the designated respawn points to call in a fresh soldier ready for action.

the downside to this is that this function can be exploited by enemy teams as a method of baiting you into a trap. if they’ve killed one of your squad, they can hide out with eyes on the downed combatant’s banner, lying in wait for an unsuspecting teammate to rush and grab it. that doesn’t always occur, of course. but there’s potential.

blackout, like every other battle royale version out there, has nothing on apex legends in this arena. once you’re dead (beyond revival), that’s it. you might as well pack up and start over.

hero (legend) shooter

apex also injected the hero shooter scene within its battle royale offering. it’s genius, right? take the two most popular competitive game modes of the last couple years, hero shooters and battle royale, and combine them into one package. each legend comes with their own set of unique abilities that have their advantages on the battlefield. wraith, a personal favorite, can traverse the map for a limited time in “the void” where she is essentially unseen. it’s helpful for getting out of tight positions or when i’m near death. if the ability is available, i’m using it. she can also summon portals between two points. again, this can be used by the entire team for a strategic incursion or a quick getaway. these abilities vastly alter the gameplay experience of battle royale for the better.

blackout offers no such function. call of duty: black ops 4 did attempt a combination of the hero shooter and battle royale in one sweet package, but only as separate entities. traditional pvp multiplayer provides the selection of various mercs with abilities for combat. while the skins of those mercs can be used in battle royale, no one ever enters the map with their own unique abilities.


alright, i know this one isn’t entirely fair as zombies is call of duty’s thing. but after the last two arguments in apex‘s favor, i felt blackout could use a win here. the addition of zombies for unique gear from the mystery box always piqued my interest in blackout mode. frequently, if i was anywhere near a mystery box, i’d go attempt to destroy the zombies and claim its content for myself. this can become a hairy situation as other players might be drawn to the same location for the same reasons. or maybe they don’t want the loot, but just want an opportunity to flank any unsuspecting enemy who is attempting to collect.

however, you spin it, the addition of zombies was always a cool idea in my book. it was the first time a battle royale mode injected danger from npcs (non-player characters) on the map. i hope they continue to toy with that idea to add more challenge to blackout in the future.

final thoughts

while there are pros and cons of each offering, both offer stellar first-person experiences in the battle royale scene. two top-notch call of duty devs came up with, in my mind, the best of the battle royale market. but maybe i’m just partial to fps titles. when it comes down to it, blackout is clearly your battle royale of choice for solo mode. however, i think apex legends now has the edge on the squad variant of the mode with its improvements to the way teams can cooperate with one another.

nonetheless, competition fuels innovation. both of these games could look very different a year from now.

Blizzard and Overwatch raise over $12.7 million for breast cancer research

Overwatch and Blizzard continue to make big names for themselves in the world of esports, and this time, it was all for a very important cause — breast cancer research and awareness.

Blizzard’s in-game breast cancer charity campaign ran until May 21st and it was a tremendous success, raising over $12.7 million! The developers released a special skin for Mercy and all proceeds went to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. On July 9th, the Overwatch Twitter account thanked all the fans for their support and announced the final number. They first let players know about this campaign on the official Overwatch blog back on May 5th.

Thank you, heroes!

Together, we have raised over $12.7 million (USD) for @BCRFcure


— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) July 9, 2018

The special Pink Mercy charity skin was specifically designed for the Overwatch hero Mercy, a scientist and so-called “guardian angel” who has dedicated her life to helping others. According to Blizzard’s North American PR Manager Dustin Blackwell, “This is the largest donation by a corporate partner within one year in [the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s] 25-year history.”

Besides this skin, players could show their support in real life by purchasing a limited-edition Pink Mercy T-shirt, available for men and women, that was designed by community artist Vicki Tsai.

The $12.7 million came directly from sales of the skin and the T-shirt, while people who watched the 14 different Overwatch stars on the charity Twitch stream raised an incredible $130,000!

“Blizzard Entertainment’s record-breaking commitment to activate change for women’s health by mobilizing the gaming community worldwide will have a lasting impact,” said Stephanie Kauffman, Chief Strategic Alliances Officer at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. “Blizzard’s support of BCRF will help accelerate breakthroughs in prevention strategies, improved treatments, survivorship and quality of life for breast cancer patients worldwide.”

The Breast Cancer Research Fund’s main goal is to end breast cancer through research. Founded in 1993 by Evelyn H. Lauder, BCRF has been a part of and heavily involved in every major breakthrough that has occurred in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer. It’s also the largest private individual funder of breast cancer research worldwide and the biggest organization in the USA.

“We’re proud to make this contribution to their efforts,” said CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Mike Morhaime. “I’m grateful to all of the Overwatch players around the world who made supporting such a good cause possible with their enthusiasm for the game and their generosity.”

I truly think it is incredible to see Blizzard and Overwatch pair up like this for such an important cause. Way to go, everyone involved! It’s really great of all the players to be so generous with their donations. I wish I could get my hands on that Pink Mercy shirt, but sadly, it’s sold out. For more information on BCRF, please feel free to check out their site.

Today in Hearthstone: New cards and balance changes

earlier today blizzard finally gave us some information about what the team is currently working on in its blog post, hearthstone betting: in the works. here are my thoughts and feedback towards the developers about the new card changes and cards i see as problematic.

in the blog, the developers say they are happy with the variety in hearthstone decks at the moment. with every class having one or more archetype that sees some level of play, team 5 has achieved their “mythical” state of balance. the contrary is true for the competitive and long-term hearthstone players. quest rogue and malygos druid are far and beyond better than any other deck by a long shot throughout the legend ranks. this is mainly because of the overwhelming strength of giggling inventor.

the game right now for many players is extremely stale. many of the matches you play through are played out in the exact same way being extremely favored for one player. it is only one month into the expansion and it might be the worst meta to play in yet. we can only hope team 5 listens to our feedback and changes some cards around and just gets on with it and removes the rogue quest from the game.

this is the second most infuriating part of the blog post. only mentioning giggling inventor as a problematic card while denying the card needs to be changed is just disappointing. blizzard’s use of internal stats to decide which cards are and aren’t a problem while neglecting the community is going to be hearthstone‘s downfall.

the post mentions they are discussing how wild should play internally. “right now, wild feels somewhat like standard but with an elevated power level and a vast library of cards.” this statement could not be further from the truth. there are a few shared aggressive-style decks shared between formats but that is it. wild has a problem right now. nobody that actually plays it will deny that. specifically, the problem is the card juicy psychmelon, which should never have been printed. now that it has been printed and has ruined the wild meta it needs to be changed.

realistically, you could make juicy psychmelon 8 mana. twice as much as it costs now, the card could still be too strong even for the wild format. with so little combo disruption possible in hearthstone, cards that enable you to combo so consistently shouldn’t make it through internal testing.

in more positive news, hearthstone will be getting four new cards starting next month! first up is icicle. a new epic mage card will be added to the classic set next season: icicle. 2-mana “deal two damage to a minion. if it’s frozen, draw a card.” 

it’s unlikely for icicle to shake up the meta anytime soon, but new cards are always exciting!

next up is another mage card, tome of intellect. 1-mana “add a random mage spell to your hand.” this card is a whole different story. the card could see some play in builds of tempo mage based around stargazer luna. the synergy between this, sorcerers apprentice, and stargazer luna could be very interesting.

call of the void is a new 1-mana warlock spell. “add a random demon to your hand.” i’m pretty indifferent on this one. i could see someone include this card in maybe a cubelock type of deck though it is very unlikely this card will see any play outside of arena or tavern brawl.

last up is pilfer. 1-mana “add a random card to your hand (from your opponent’s class).” exciting! one mana spells do cool stuff in rogue all the time. hey, maybe one day we will be able to build a successful “thief” rogue deck!

this is something i’m actually excited for. in order for hearthstone to succeed long term, there needs to be a constant influx of new players entering the game. the new player experience has long been miserable. before this, a lot of new players were facing off against fully built decks of returning players. another unsolved issue is players purposely staying at the low ranks to be able to complete their quests with more ease.

the first thing introduced is the addition of rank 50 to 26 where new players can get used to the game more easily by facing off against only new players. there will not be an option to return to these ranks once you pass them. this should mean less abuse of the system here. on top of this, the blog post mentions that new players will earn a few gifts along the way. this should help players to get started which can only be a positive for the game.

in more exciting news for everyone, the welcome bundle is returning! sort of. in the blog, it is stated that while it has never left, people who have purchased it before will be able to buy it again next patch. the bundle is the one thing i recommend to everyone who plays hearthstone due to the tremendous value it offers. buy the welcome bundle for only $5 and get 10 packs and a guaranteed legendary classic card to get your hearthstone career going.

this one i just don’t understand. a tournament mode was teased to us last year with support to pause games, brackets for in-game tournaments, and actual in-client tournaments itself. it’s a feature hearthstone has needed for five years now and they decided not to finish it. this is just another punch in the face towards the running joke that hearthstone as esports has become.

one of my favorite things about hearthstone is the community. having visited events all over the world i’m always happy to see more improvements to the community-run events. the unique tavern brawls and tavern banners of last year were really exciting for the hosts and visitors and more improvements seem to be coming soon!

the 2018 hct fall championships will begin later this october. follow your favorite hearthstone players online or live in burbank, california at the blizzard arena! the event will happen on the weekend of october 13.

a fan favorite will be making a return with hallow’s end! the halloween-themed event will bring back the dual class arenas and bring out a new paladin hero portrait for you to buy. last year’s dual class arenas were great for the twitch scene of hearthstone which hopefully will be the case again this year.

thanks for joining me, and i look forward to hearing what you think about all the exciting things hearthstone announced today!